Intrathecal Pump

The use of an intrathecal pain pump involves delivering medication therapy directly to the fluid and space around the spinal cord, known as cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). By delivering drugs directly to the CSF, they are much more potent and require smaller doses compared to oral or bloodstream delivery. This approach minimizes side effects like nausea, vomiting, and constipation that often result from medications traveling through the bloodstream. The intrathecal pain pump provides a highly targeted and effective method of pain management for patients who have not responded to other treatments.

Advantages of Intrathecal Pumps

Here are some of the benefits of intrathecal pumps:

Efficiency – A lot of patients have experienced significant relief from pain with an intrathecal pump.

Targeted Relief – A trial period test may be conducted prior to implanting the pump, a trial period tests the type of medication to ensure effective pain relief.

Low Medication Dosage - The medication is delivered directly to the source of pain. Hence, patients can do fine with the lowest dosage. For instance, around 300mg of morphine can be administered for 1mg of Intrathecal morphine to ensure equivalent effects on pain.

Low Risk of Side Effects - Low dose of medication minimizes risk of side effects (sedation, nausea, and vomiting) on patients.

How Does It Work?

The intrathecal pump is a specialized system comprised of a pump unit and catheters. Compact and resembling a deck of cards, the pump houses a reservoir that contains medication and is implanted beneath the skin, typically in the abdominal region. The catheter(s), similarly implanted beneath the skin, are positioned in the intrathecal space of the spine at one end, and connected to the pump unit at the other. Thereafter, the pump unit administers measured dosages of medication via the catheter(s), allowing it to trickle into the intrathecal space.

A few different models of intrathecal pumps are also available. Your doctor will discuss the most appropriate type of system for you.

What are the Expected Results?

Following the implantation of pump, most patients experience immediate pain relief. However, as body recovers from the procedure, oral pain medication may be prescribed for a few days. Our team of pain specialists will work closely with you during this time to adjust the dosage of the medication delivered by the pump and ensure optimal pain relief. For the first few weeks following the procedure, we recommend engaging only in light activities. Additionally, we will provide guidance on how to use the optional remote control to manage your pain medication. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible care and support throughout your recovery.

Comprehensive Pain Management Care at Neuro Spine & Pain Center

We at Neuro Spine & Pain Center take immense pride in providing premium grade pain management care. The team of experienced physicians holds specialization in a wide range of treatments. Intrathecal pumps usage is one of the expertises of our professionals. We combine innovative therapy with our unique compassionate and personalized approach to patient care. This ensures high level of pain relief to each patient. Our team is committed to collaborating with clients closely to develop a tailored plan for treatment catering to their unique goals and requirements. As professionals with commitment to brilliance and care focused on patient’s needs, we take extra care to help patients improve quality of life.

In case, you wish to find out more about intrathecal pumps to relieve pain, get in touch with us now. Schedule a consultation today.

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