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Dr. Schnapp is a fantastic doctor. He helped resolve a painful muscular spasm in my cervical spine. I felt better immediately and highly recommend him!

Web Admin

These folks are terrific. I was down in the keys on vacation and suffered an injury to my lower back. They immediately knew where the pain was coming from and after a couple injections, I was good as new. I can’t recommend them enough. They are great.

Jorge Ramirez

Dr. Schnapp is one of the best interventional pain specialists in the Keys. His team includes world class spine surgeons, neurologists and pain management doctors to ensure you get the best treatment. 5 stars.

Joe Rotbart

The staff is absolutely amazing. It is always busy. Lydia at the front desk is kind and welcoming when you enter and is quick to help guide when you have questions. There is always a wait, so be prepared , bring a book. The doctors take their time with their patients. They are thorough and make sure your issues are addressed. This is not a rushed in and out type of appt. I have yet to have a negative experience here.

Jenna Smith

Excellent Experience every time I have a appointment. I'm well took en care of. My pain is managed great in all phases of nuero treatments. I talk with all employees like family and same in return. The 2 young ladies at the counter are very efficient in my medical needs. They print , arrange, and make my Experience a desire for appointments. Love this place. The staff here are people who make a difference in people's lives. Thank you

Bryan Craig

This office and staff creates a welcoming, friendly and professional atmosphere. Truly a great experience engaging with each staff member. From clerical to clinical the services exceeded expectations and I am happy to refer friends and family to Dr. Schnapp's office!

Rebecca Hausen

Personnel extremely professional and providers are very knowledgeable, highly recommend this office for great care!!

George Kline

The office is friendly and caring providers and staff. Great care received at this office.

Vicki Sawyer

If I could give 6 stars, I would!! Came in and was promptly treated. They quickly scheduled an appointment. Dr Schnapp was able to quickly diagnose and treat the problem. Within several weeks of treatment and PT, all is well. The staff was friendly and professional and though busy, always made time for me and assisted with any questions. I hope you never need him, but if you do, I highly recommend!!!

Frank Betz

Dr Schnapp evaluates me for dropfoot. He knew it was out of his wheelhouse and referee me to Dr Gottlieb. Long story short, I ended up needing surgery and the staff was awesome to deal with. I’m recovered and the foots better. Now I’m headed back for follow ups on neuropathy of unknown Origen. Getting old sucks, it’s good to have good medical staff around.

Scooter Schneider

I have received quality care and understand for the past year with Dr William Schnapps, I very happy with the services that the office provides 😀🤙

Christopher Connors

I received excellent care from the Doctor, and his Staff.

Bill Estes

Excellent staff and doctors. Highly recommend them.

OptiPar Support

Great staff and very friendly. Highly recommend them.

Robert Martin

I love this facility, the staff are wonderful and Doctor Schnapp is very knowledgeable and easy to look at too. Thank you for all of your wonderful care.

Susan kerns

He who came unable to walk is now able to skip like a lamb. Great job.

Michael Conchscooter

I love the Dr. I love the staff. I have a very rare brain disease. There is no cure but Dr. Schnapp is trying to relieve my symptoms. That is all I can ask

Todd Mallard

Thank you Dr Schnapps and all your amazing staff. You have been a life saver trying to decode a very old and agonizing injury. But you have brought a smile back into my life.

Tiffany King

Had headaches for years. Finally found what was causing them, and the remedy to decrease them. Thanks to Dr. Schnapp.

Michael deBettencourt

Highly recommend! I am a hairstylist and I have struggled with me back for years. I’ve always been scared. Dr. Hollern made me feel very comfortable with how knowledgeable he is. Very happy with our game plan. Thanks Dr. Hollern.

Ryan Reeves

Dr. Hollern has a special interest in cervical spine surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery. He believes the most important aspect of medicine is to treat others as if they were his family

Joe Rotbart

Dr Hollern is fantastic and has an office in the Keys. He performed surgery on my lower back and the results are amazing. No more pain going down my leg or burning sensation in my back. It’s hard when you live in the Florida Keys to find a competent surgeon you can trust. Although the surgery was in Miami Dr Hollern has an office here in the Keys. If you’ve been putting it off surgery, go see him for a consultation, you’ll be glad you did.Thanks Dr Hollern!!!!

Gary Mace

The bedside manner that I received from Dr. Hollern was excellent. Dr. Hollern and the staff are extremely welcoming. They properly informed about my health needs. I plan on returning, and would definitely recommend him to any family or friend s.

Jordan Rupp

After going to see Dr. Hollern I finally have a treatment plan for my back pain and a light at the end of the tunnel. For the first time I wasn't told surgery immediately and know I have options. Thank you to Dr. Hollern and his staff for helping me get through my pain.

Melisa Wade

I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for Dr. Hollern. For years I have dealt with crippling leg pain and was told in the past that it was something I had to live with. After surgery with Dr. Hollern I am finally free of pain. Most importantly, he cares about his patients and his staff is wonderful. Hands down the best surgeon in Florida.

Betsy Palmer

Dr. Hollern is the best. He helped my neck pain so much and my arm pain.
I underwent a surgery 3 months ago and feel cannot tell you how great I feel now. Thank you Dr. hollern

Jon Simpson

Had surgery with Dr. Hollern a few months back. Not only was he was easy to talk to about any concerns both pre and post-op, but I'm almost ready to return to sport so couldn't be happier.

Michael Budden

Dr. Hollern was extremely informative and helpful. He answered all my questions and was very professional.

Craig Neal

Discussed all of my options thoroughly and listened to my concerns. I felt very comfortable with this doctor

Katie Kirtley

Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to, highly recommend!

Kara Neal

Dr. Hollern is a caring and patient surgeon. He is very knowledgeable about issues related to back pain and has been very helpful to me. I've had lower back issues for 20 years, and I highly recommend him.

Maureen Meck

Clear and concise. Highly recommend to friends and family

Ronnie Troxell

I came in with issues with my neck, I spoke to DR. Hollern, we first went the non- operative route, then we decided my pain was soo bad that I underwent a fuisjon. Three months out, I have no pain. I would 10/10 recommend Dr. Hollern! The best!

Holly Moulis

Dr. Holler listened to my needs and made a wonderful plan for my back pain. I have been to other doctors in the area and never felt like anyone cared about what I was going through. He spent time to understand my pain and educated me about my condition. I highly recommend!

Leslie Cayce

Office staff very friendly and helpful. Dr. Gottlieb is very knowledgeable and caring. I feel confident in using him. I have a medical background and he spoke to me and not down to me as many physicians do.

Eileen Storch

Dr Gottlieb and his whole team are amazing. Very attentive and responsive. I was in pain for months and other treatments weren’t working. After surgery it was instant relief. Amazing surgeon and staff.

Marisol Gimenez

I was not able to see Dr Gottlieb on my initial visit. However, I feel welcome by a professional and cordial office’s staff. Able to accommodate my appointment with Dr Gass who was attentive during the eval, reviewing imaging, and ensure that I was properly informed about recommendations and care plan options. Overall service was outstanding.

Liz Gonza

Met Dr. Gottlieb for a 2nd opinion for a future surgery I'm planning on having. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and attention to my issue. We discussed several options and he explained in detail the pros and cons of all those options.

Jamie Artze

One of the most compassionate kind doctors I’ve ever been to. The office staff is always friendly and willing to help. Dr. Gotlieb’s assistant is funny kind an extremely knowledgeable. I would never go to another doctor for my back.

denise leinhardt

Very please with Dr. Gottlieb and staff. Dr. Gottlieb was very honest and humble.

Although he couldn't perform the surgery, he guided us to the best suitable surgeon to perform the surgery.

It takes a big man and a special person to admit there's a better surgeon to perform the type of surgery my wife requires.

My wife and I are both very greatful for his knowledge, thorough examination, and honesty.

Will recommend Dr. Gottlieb to anyone needing an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Carlos Aleman

Dr. Jonathan Gottlieb and Jorge Lerma were awesome at explaining my condition very clearly. Thanks to Dr. Gottlieb I can walk again and feel happy in my life with not more pain. I’m very grateful. He is very easy to talk and understand and. I could not ask for better staff than they have especially (Angela, Jazmin and Mia)

Jessika Gonzalez

I did my back surgery 15 days and I feel súper! I am walking since day one and it’s
like I never had a problem before!
The best hands on USA for back surgery!
no scars no post surgery complications.
New life for me and my family...
Thank you minimal invasive!

Wanda Acevedo

I had my 8 weeks post ops follow up on 1/23 after a very successful back surgery, L4-L5 laminectomy/Microdisectomy. My only remaining issue is a slight numbness in my right toes. Dr. Gottlieb and his team of professionals are thorough, considerate and caring. Based on his recommendations I’m already seeing improvements in my toes.

Norman Anderson

Dr Gottlieb is extremely knowledgeable and gives quality care. His staff is friendly and thorough. I’m happy to be under his care!

peter fuerst

Doctor Jonathan Gottlieb is an extraordinary gifted surgeon. He truly cares about the individual and their pain. He does everything in his power to alleviate the pain and help you get back to your life.

Andrea Burris

This has been nothing short of a top-notch experience sense my first consultation. Dr Gottlieb was in favor of alternative forms of treatment before we attempted surgery. After physical therapy, chiropractics, injection therapy and acupuncture we're not providing relief, we decided to go ahead with a surgery. His colleagues and staff were very informative and friendly throughout the entire process. Myself being a somewhat impatient person I was looking for a schedule on recovery when Dr Gottlieb let me know that patients is key as well as following up with thorough and professional treatment to ensure the best outcome. I'm a little over a month post surgery and enjoying the longest pain free duration I've had in several years. I want to thank Dr Gottlieb for his patience and helping me understand that it is now up to me making good decisions to dictate the level of success from his procedure. Thank you to Dr Gottlieb and the staff of the Minimally Invasive Spine Center of South Florida!

Tony Pearsall

Friendly staff. Dr Gottlieb and his PA, Karina, were very helpful in explaining the cause of the pain and recommending a non-surgical treatment and follow-ups.

Yannick Henriette

I’m getting ready to have a spinal fusion this week and I have never been more confident in a doctor or a practice than I am with Dr. Gottlieb and his staff. They are incredible, efficient, respectful, and attentive. I am so glad I found them and I am completely confident that the surgery will be a success. The office staff have been so easy to work with on everything and when you have an appointment, they honor your time, unlike MANY other offices in the area. I am so grateful to have found them! I would recommend Dr. Gottlieb to anyone. He, himself, is so wonderful that you feel as if you’ve known him forever and he listens! He makes eye contact , he LOOKS at you when you talk to him, he responds to concerns. I can’t say enough about him. He is a blessing!

Hope Sperling

Excellent staff and service. Appointment time was respected. Dr. Gottlieb was very professional and at the same time very personable. I felt comfortable with him and felt confident in his knowledge and expertise. He was a very attentive listener and I felt that he heard and addressed all of my concerns about my back problems. His staff was friendly and efficient. I am so happy that I found this practice!

Hope Sperling

I feel bad am in good hands with the Doctor and his staff. His diagnosis and recommendations are explained well. One big drawback is that he works at Mercy Hospital which is a nightmare to stay in. They gave me meds which I am allergic to and were named on my list and noted on wrist bands. I got terribly sick and my blood pressure was raised to stroke territory and I had to be transferred to critical care. Plus they did.not have in stock the meds to help me.

Donna Flanagan

On 11/23/2021 I had a three level cervical fusion. From my initial office visit through hospital discharge everything went perfect. Dr. Gottlieb and his staff are amazing and highly professional. I recommend Dr. Gottlieb for all your Ortho/Spine needs. My recovery and pain have been much better than I expected. Sometimes I forget that I had surgery less than a week ago!!!

I had my eight month follow up and everything is perfect. I continue to improve and heal. One more follow up and I’m good to go. I have returned to the gym and the golf course. Everyone in the office is kind and professional. I continue to highly recommend anyone considering spine surgery to go see Dr. Gottlieb and his staff.

Jorge Parr

Dr. Gottleib is smart, listens carefully, and explains everything. His staff are polite and competent, and his office space clean and calming. I recommend him highly.

Marlene Minardi

From the moment we walked in until our check out process, we experienced the upmost in excellent guest service. Everyone was polite, attentive, and knowledgable. Dr. Gottlieb was amazing. He spent well over an hour with us answering all of our questions and discussing all of the possible options. We left feeling confident in our decision and are looking forward to being in his capable hands. I am looking forward to having a better life soon.

ART Cooper

Everyone is so professional, from the moment you enter the medical office. Karina and Dr. Gottlieb explained my options and were very accomodating. Mia was wonderful going over tests needed. Overall it was a great experience.

Catherine Vera

The office is very quiet and entertaining, comfortable seating, the staff is excellent, no long wait to be seen. The doctors are very knowledgeable. I was very much satisfied with all my visits and would highly recommend this office for care.

rickard watson

Dr. Gottlieb’s office is a great place to go for care. He is professional, caring, and takes the time to listen to patients. He will get you into a comprehensive plan to get you back on your feet.

His staff is very polite and caring as well, so you can be sure you’ll be in good hands right from the beginning.


Very friendly and attentive front desk- 1) Maria spent time with me on the telephone to set up an appointment. I was hurting and she was able to find an appointment early. 2) Nichole helped me with the paperwork and was attentive to my condition 3) Dr. Gottlieb was very understanding and kind and listened carefully to my history and concerns

ian nisonson

Dr. Gottlieb and his staff are as good as they come, bar none!! I've been seeing them since August 2019 when I first injured my back, and they have been a godsend! The staff is professional, friendly and helpful, whether in person or by phone, and always welcome you with a caring smile. The office is state of the art and I have always been seen in a timely fashion.

Dr. Gottlieb has a humane and compassionate bedside manner, and his empathetic nature instantly makes you feel you are truly being cared for. He takes his time listening to his patients and addresses any concerns they may have, as well as explains the recommended course of treatment in detail.

If you should ever find yourself in need of a spine surgeon, do yourself a favor and look no further than Dr. Gottlieb. You will NOT regret it!!!

Georgette Barker-Lopez

The care and attention I received at Dr Gottlieb's office was phenomenal. I wish I had met him during different circumstances but that's just the way it is.

Joe Martinez

Due to a car accident, I had to see a Orthopedic Doctor. I went on line and started researching for the best specialist in South Florida. I always try to seek the very best and my health is no exception. Dr. Gottlieb came highly recommended. I call his office and schedule an appointment. His office staff is extremely efficient and professional unlike other Doctors offices that I have visited in the past. Upon meeting Dr. Gottlieb, I was immediately impressed by his knowledge. Furthermore, he show a great deal of empathy which is a quality that I seek in a medical professional. I highly recommend Dr. Gottlieb!!!!

Fernando Artal

Dr Gottlieb was a Godsend for us! He was very intuitive to our situation and we feel we are now on the right path to resolving medical issues we have had for a long time. We are blessed to have been referred to him and can highly recommend him.

Michelle Diaz

Love this office, front desk staff are friendly, professional. It is a quick check in process and I was quickly brought into exam room. Entire staff practicing safe care with masks on. Doctor is great he really listens and does not rush through the visit. I was allowed to explain and describe my situation and then he proceeded to explain what plan if action he would take. I truly enjoy this office even though I am in a lot of pain you leave knowing you are in great hands.

Elaine Curbelo

Very informative first visit. Staff was very kind. I appreciate that Dr Gottlieb wants to try the conservative route with pain medicine, functional restoration, musculoskeletal preventive care, and physical medicines before going under the knife yet again.

Angel Martinez

Everyone is amazing at the office! I could not ask for a better staff than they have!
Dr Gottlieb is very easy to talk to and understand!
Makes you very comfortable!

John Glass

Dr. Gottlieb was very caring, professional and knowledgeable. He treated me with respect and gave me hope. The office staff was very courteous and the office well kept. I am glad I was able to see him. Can wait to get better under his care. Thumbs up Dr. Gottlieb.

Marianella Laporte

I did a lot of research before going to see Dr. Gottlieb for the first time. He is just an amazing doctor, so smart and knowledgeable, but also so kind and caring. I trust him - everything he told me about my condition and recovery have been spot on. I was ready to get surgery in 2009 when I first started having issues, but he convinced me to wait as long as I could because I was only 29 and he didn't want t to fuse me. Finally in 2016, he told me it was time for surgery, as I was losing strength and feeling in my right hand. I had a total disc replacement of C7-T1 about two weeks ago and I feel great! Each day I feel better than the last. I wouldn't let anyone else touch my spine. He is a great doctor!

Jessica Dreyer

The office staff was friendly starting with the appointment process. We were taken back at the time of our appointment. I took my 83 year old mother for consult, but due to how far gone her spinal stenosis is Dr. Gottlieb was unable to help her. He didn't just tell us sorry, see you later. He took time with my mother, treated her with care and respect. I was so touched by his treatment of my mother I felt I needed to write a review. He lead us to the University of Miami where he told us she would be the great hands and be able to get the treatment she needed. I would go back to him if I had a need and recommend him to friends and family.

Pamela Dei

Very impressed with the doctor the PA and the whole staff. My husband saw Dr Gottlieb yesterday. Very knowledgeable and kind.

Raquel Bliffeld

I will not have my surgery with Dr. Gottlieb until May 25, but I have great
faith in him. I interviewed 3 other Drs,., and chose him. He was very inform-ative, and put my mind at ease.

Judy Stowe

Larry Stowe

After years of working with a pain management Doctor which kept my misery at bay. I traveled from Vero Beach to Miami off a referral from a friend to the Minimally Invasive Spine Center of South Florida. I had surgery on 6/30/2021..I felt better coming of the table then I did in 4 years. Thank you Dr. Gottlieb. And thank you Mike for the nudge to get me there.

Larry Moltz

What a great practice! Minimally invasive is a perfect description! My pain is gone, almost complete function restored!!
Thank you Dr. Gottlieb and Dr. Lerma!!

Christina Clark

Dr. Gottlieb is extremely patient and takes his time to treat you as if you were his only client. I've had one spinal surgery with him and wouldn't trust anyone else to go near my spine. Highly recommend....


When planning my surgery, Dr. Gottlieb was the only Surgeon who took the time to walk me through all my options, talk to me like a real person and made me comfortable with decision to proceed with that specific surgery. He made himself available for any and all questions before the actual surgery and then similarly after the surgery walked me through exactly what he did and took the time to answer any and all questions I had, which were a lot. I cannot thank Dr. Gottlieb enough for what he has done which I'm hoping will significantly improve the quality of my life. We are off to a great start and Im sure it only gets better from here. With Appreciation, Steve Hawkins (Toronto, Canada)

Steve Hawkins

Excellent Doctor! Could not have had a better experience the quality of care surpasses any doctor I have ever been to. I came in because I was experiencing severe lower back pain that was going down to my leg while other doctor's recommend surgery right away without explaining anything Dr. Gottlieb took the time and effort in Explaining the diagnosis and what i had. He currently has me in therapy and I couldn't be any happier. I was able to avoid surgery for now And when I do need surgery I know I will be in the best of hands with him.

Jenelle Rivas

Dr. Gottlieb, Sarah, Joanna, and the entire staff were the best medical experience I've ever had. Even before my appointment, I was called to be notified about the cost of being out of network. That's never happened. More importantly, my appointment was such a pleasure. Beyond the wisdom and experience, they listened to me and gave me a wonderful outlook for my condition.
Thank you all!

Arturo Ferreira

Dr. Gottlieb is the best surgeon I have ever met. His staff were kind and willing to help any way possible. I highly recommend any person needing Orthopaedic Spine surgery to go see him. You wouldn’t regret it.

Fortuna Mendez

Dr. Gottlieb performed ACDF and ACCF a year ago today. I reside in North Carolina however he was highly recommended by another physician. As a 60 year old female who was in severe pain he has given me my life back. I returned today for my annual visit and I have healed as well as expected. Dr. Gottlieb and his staff are exceptional in how they treat patients. I believe he truly is the best in his field.

Carol Canales

Thank You to a wonderful staff, the first people you meet. Dr. Jonathan Gottlieb was a pleasure to meet. His demeanor and warm smile put me at ease immediately. His examination was very thorough along with a very easy explanation of what is going on in my body.

Evan Sobel

Dr Gottlieb is great. He utilized utmost care during my initial visits, and he is very professional. He was careful to examine all xrays and mri in order to give proper diagnosis. He was honest and didn't try to convince me to spend more money or that I needed surgery. From the beginning, he was optimistic about my full recovery without their surgical intervention. That is refreshing in Miami especially where everyone seems to want to have you spend as much as possible and where doctors try to convince you to get unnecessary surgery. Dr Gottlieb was also very specific about activity restrictions to ensure quick and full recovery.
The office staff is also extremely nice, and they are quick and responsive. They check in with you before upcoming appointments and are always so pleasant to speak to on the phone and in person. Everyone works together to get you in and out as quickly as possible during office visits.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Gottlieb and Miami Back & Neck to others.

Lisa Suarez-del Campo

Dr. Gottlieb is awesome, he has operated on both myself and my son, and we both recommend him highly. I also have to mention that his staff is fantastic, such a pleasant change from so many Southern Florida doctor offices I have visited.

Carol Dunstan

The office staff is as lovely as can be and Dr. Gottlieb is professional, attentive, and clearly passionate about his work and what he does. Happy to have found this office and receive the care they provide.

Abby Reifman Fisch

Dr. Gottlieb is such an amazing surgeon. He changed my life with his minimally invasive procedure. This was my second operation, a microdistectomy, which was actually less painful and less of a stressful process than my first operation by a different doctor. Dr. Gottlieb is a kind and intelligent surgeon who focuses on the patient as a whole and not just as a number. I will recommend him to anyone. Thank you to Dr. Gottlieb and staff for making my journey through recovery a great one,


Brittney Cabrera

Dr. Gottlieb and his staff have been amazing from day one! I went to him because I was experiencing a severe pain in my lower back that went all the way down to my leg and was unable to walk. When the doctor saw me, he took the time to express his concerns and tried to help me as fast as possible to relieve my pain. I finally had surgery a week and three days ago and I feel so much better! I even dared to walk right after the surgery and once the anesthesia was gone! My case was complicated because I had a herniated disk in my lumbar area that was pinching my nerves, the recovery has not been easy but Dr .Gottlieb was right on with everything he said about it. I start my therapy on Friday and I will be back at work on Monday.
I am very grateful I found him. His staff has also been amazing; all the girls are very polite and go above and beyond to make you feel good. I definitely will recommend Dr. Gottlieb to everyone. Thank you very much!!

Ana Lam

Always caring ,explains everything thoroughly & even allowed to let my 7 y/o granddaughter watch and ask questions then explained them to her in terms she could understand!! I have been with his office for 11 years and he and Nicole have always been awesome!!

Cheri KIemas Martinez

Dr. Gottleib took the time to fully understand my situation and provide his diagnosis and recommended next steps. I got the impression that he truly cares for the well- being of his patients. Very professional and knowledgeable.

Brian McDermott

Finding a good doctor it is not an easy task. I went to see Dr. Jonathan Gottlieb as a second opinion. My firt spine doctor wants to do surgery right away. Afraid, on pain and so scare due to my condition with two collapsed discs L3 and L5. I looked for another opinion and I am so happy and lucky that I did it because I found Dr. Jonathan Gottlieb. He cured me. His level of experience, knowledge and more important to found a doctor who really care about the patient it is hard to find. He took the time to evaluate and diagnosed me correcty and he created the righ medical treatment. Today I am walking because of him, I am pain free because of him. All of that without surgery. If you have any spine problem please choose right doctor. Dr. Gottlieb is one of the kind, I highly recommend him. Thank you Doctor Gottlieb!!! Trudy Herdocia

Trudy Herdocia

It would be no stretch to say that Dr. Gottlieb and he's staff went above and beyond the call of duty! I will be forever grateful for the compassion I was shown from him and his staff! The size of his heart is only matched by that of his expertise and capacity of his work!
I had been suffering for months from server neck pain and migraines, symptoms so bad that not only was I incapable of working but, couldn't get through my day to day life.
I had heard from multiple people that Dr. Gottlieb was one of the best in the country. No matter where I looked his name came up. When it comes to your neck or spine it can be scary. Finding the best doctor is always the top priority. I waited 3 months to visit Dr. Gottlieb to make sure I was giving myself the best care available. After the wait I found out that he was not covered under my new insurance plan. Most doctors would have turned me away or referred me to another doctor but, repairing me, bringing me back to a pain free life was Dr. Gottlieb's one and only concern. He refused to turn me away or let me leave without knowing he would be the one to help me.
I had both a disc fusion at c4/5 and full replacement at c5/6.
After less then a month post surgery I am brace free and in therapy already with 75% of my range of motion back with a significant loss in pain levels (some days pain free). I would trust my life in his healing hands any day!

Danielle Annunziato

Great doctor combined with a great staff, you can’t go wrong. I needed an appointment very quick since I am in terrible pain and they found the first available for me. And within a couple of days, I am scheduled for surgery. Can’t wait to resolve my back problems and enjoy life again! Definitely will recommend!

Marcos Bello

Doctor Gottlieb was patient and extremely thorough. Just as important he spoke in plain English and showed by his concern and attentiveness he had my best interests at the forefront.

Allan Perry

Dr. Gottlieb is a very knowledgeable and caring Dr. I live in Broward County and I would travel anywhere Dr. Gottlieb is. He is not the kind of Dr. that would jump into surgery like other orthopedic surgeons . Highly recommend him!!

Lisa Blumstein

Doctor Gottlieb and his staff were very friendly. He took the time to listen to me and explain my options in detail. I did not feel rushed

Barry Long

Dr. Gottlieb is a world class physician with the highest standard of patient care and surgical skill. I would recommend him without hesitation to care for you or a loved one.

Sandeep Bagla

Dr. Gottlieb is a caring and extremely knowledgeable orthopedic surgeon. I have complete confidence in him. Stellar staff as well which, these days, is the exception not the norm.


Dr Gottlieb and his staff has been nothing short of fantastic for me. Been going to them for about 6 months now and couldn't ask for a more compassionate and helpful doctor!

Kevin Murray

Amazing doctor! He is actually the only doctor that sits with you and listen! He talks to you without being distracted by writing notes or typing in the computer while he is with you!
The staff is also great friendly and very helpful!!! He is always on time ! Really amazing office all around!!!! ❤️


Dr. Gottlieb has an excellent bedside manner. Staff was extremely helpful. Give my highest recommendation.

Edna Padilla

Let’s face it. When you have back or neck pain, you’re looking for answers. The more pain you have the more desperate you become to find a solution. It’s easy to be in so much pain that you’ll trust whoever you reach out to first.

While it might seem easy to make a quick decision on a spine doctor to evaluate you, when it comes to back and neck pain, you must be cautious because ANY surgery on your spine is deadly serious business. Having the wrong surgeon or the wrong surgery can and often does set into motion a domino effect where, instead of relief, you continue to have pain and may even need further surgeries.

The reality is that 95% of patients don’t realize that there are a lot of spine and back surgeons who will recommend and perform surgeries you don’t need, do surgeries that are far more invasive than necessary (because they get paid more), or have financial relationships with personal injury attorneys with an understanding that the surgery (and the bill) needs to be dramatic to make a “better” suit.

Do any of those things sound like they are in your best interest as a patient? Hardly! I’m fortunate enough to have both a medical background and a sales/marketing background and understand all of these factors working against patients who are in pain to find someone they can trust.

Recently, a long standing issue related to one of my discs became painfully acute. Knowing the reality of the above details, I wasn’t going to trust anyone to evaluate this until I had done due diligence.

After considerable investigation looking into every surgeon in Miami-Dade claiming to be the “expert,” I opted on having a consultation with Dr. Jonathan Glottlieb.

His clinical background and credentials were at the highest levels and his record with the governing body for medical doctors was spotless.

After meeting him in person, I can further attest that he’s chosen to “take the high-road” when it comes to only recommending to patients what they really need versus what’s typical with the other surgeons. He spent adequate time taking my history and examining me. He answered all of my concerns, made a recommendation both for the short term (in my case conservative therapy), and reviewed the likelihood of needing to a surgical step in the future. Based on my research of other surgeons in the area, I can tell you most would have immediately recommended a surgery that wasn’t necessary.

Yes, there may be a consultation fee not covered by insurance but wouldn’t you rather invest in someone’s expert knowledge to tell you the truth and for your own peace of mind?

Dr. James McAnally

Dr. Gottlieb provides reinsurance and comfort in his approach with patients prior to surgery.

Don Mader

Everyone is so friendly and courteous and Dr Gottlieb is amazing

Franco Vallabriga

Best and smartest decision I ever made, forget the rest ,he is the best.
He cares about you not just a check, pro active, awesome bed side maner , a staff that cares as well. "He is Young enough to be up to date and have enough energy you like your back doc to have, "old enough" to how and when to use it !!!" He gave me more than I asked for and I put my life in his more than capable hands and I am not surprised he has not failed me. His assistant needs to be mentioned, I have a feeling she is the drive in his go. She saw to all details and talked at length with us. She even spent time with us in pre op and my wife in post. What a team, the gave me my mojo back. Awesome thanks

Richard Warner

Very professional staff in the front area, the lady who asked me medical questions was professional, friendly. The doctor was great, very impressed with this office in every way possible. Upon leaving I contacted the person who recommended me to this doctor and informed him how pleased I was.

Elaine Curbelo

Dr. GOTTLIEB is a very knowledgeable doctor that takes a keen interest in your physical problems. He is a very pleasant man and I would highly recommend him. Very easy to talk to and he explains your problems so you can understand exactly what might be wrong with you.


Very professional staff and Doctor. Walking out of a consult with medications, referrals, and where I can have my x-rays and therapy done was a pleasant surprise.

Yamile Fuentes

Nice office with great staff, almost no waiting. I appreciate the doctor’s approach in that he doesn’t leap to imaging and talk of surgery but instead, at least in my case, suggests starting with rehab, Hopefully, it works.

Alexandra Pecharich

My visit with Dr. Gottlieb was awesome. He was very attentive and informative to the issues with my back and neck. I would recommend to everyone I know.

Nikki Sands

My wife went to see the Doctor and she had an amazing experience, all the personal was professional and the Doctor answered and explained all the questions she had regarding a possible surgery . Thank you !

Rodney Perez

It has been 7 months since the surgery and I cant say how thankful for the results I am having.
Thank you Dr. Gotlieb.

Larry Moltz

For the last 10 years of my life i being suffering from back and leg pain. Thanks to dr. Gottlieb i regains control of my life. Thanks for the service and dedication from you and Sarah Malla. God bless you and your staff.Thanks

Maria J Perez

Great doctor!!! Also, a Caring and professional support staff.

Lauren Pilot

Sarah Noel, the physician assistant and Johanna,front desk, were extremely nice and helpful.Dr gottlieb was optimistic and very Informative regarding my neck issue. I cannot thank you enough....!!...highly recommended!!!!

Berta M.

Everyone is great the doctors the nurse the office personal..
Very few places care about the patients anymore, Its great to find one that still does.

Silvia Lino

Thank’s to doctor Gottlieb, my mom Rosa Sanchez don’t have pain anymore, the staff is amazing, everything was perfect there.

Ana Rosa Sori

The doctor and staff were so kind and listened to my concerns.

carolyn mckechnie

Dr Gottlieb is very professional and takes time with you to discuss your care and options

Israel Jimenez

I was very satisfied with the office visit. Thank you again.

Barbel sarron

The front desk people is very friendly the doctors super profesional and also they take the time to explain your case.

Nathaly Contreras

Very satisfied with the staff attention and Dr Gotlieb care. They are a very professional, patient center and recomendable team.

Lianeth Blanco

Office staff was great - Dr Gottlieb was very helpful, informative and had a treatment plan ready

Andrew Barrett

Great Doctors ; I Did lots of research to find him. It worked well. He does fantastic work.

Conrad Webber

He is such a wonderful doctor, with such great bedside manner. Makes you feel comfortable with all decisions made

Melissa Barreiro

I have seen the Dr for spine issues over the past few years and he has been
extremely helpful in my recovery.

Phil Zelman

best experience .Dr Gottlieb is the best ,just 2 weeks ago had my disc replaced and now I'm free pain.

maniac jones

Highly recommend! Very knowledgeable. Been to a handful of doctors in my lifetime and he by far is one of the best!

Travis Connolly

Dr gott is knowledgeable, attentive, firm in experience, and the doctor for true recovery - 5 stars isn’t enough

Mark Kolta

Excellent doctor and Surgeon thanks to him
I can walk again I’m very grateful.

Horacio Malla

Amazing doctor and a staff the actually cares, helpful and compassionate.

AJ Khubani

I was very satisfied with my visit the staff and doctor are very professional and helpful.

Marlon Martinez

Good guy honest

Danny Costa

Very Patient , heard all my complains and answered all my queries very Professional.Happy was recommended to him

Haresh Pillay

Dr. Gotleib is friendly, caring and knowledgeable. I trust him with my spine!

Philip Gold

Did a great job of explaining my MRI..and his imput and my opptions.

Ernie Perez

AWESOME VERY Caring, Concerned and Attentive.


I appreciated the time spent in answering my questions and concerns.
And I'm feeling better!

Barbara Kline

Came highly recommended. I wasn't disappointed. Knowledgeable, caring and empathetic. Highly recommend.

Aimee Gonzalez

Great first visit! Looking forward to the process.

Carlos D

Outstanding all around!! A highly professional organization

Dorothy Nekhaila

Professional and courteous.A pleasure being your patient. Thank you!

Maria Cristina Rodriguez de Soucy

Very patient, caring and attentive. Prime service. Totally recommend.

Juliana Cuartas

Very thorough and caring doctor with great office staff!

Alexis Larrea

Knowledgeable and friendly staff

AChristian Rodriguez

Wonderful doctor, listens well, empathetic, reassuring.

Mary Jane Kwist

Great physician, great staff!

Sal Rassi

Good staff Very good doctor

Semen Baskin

Always Professional, highly recommend Dr Gotlieb. I felt his confidence and thorough explanation with written explanations gave me a sense of calmness and relief about my pending surgery.

Diana Lynn Fiddes

It is a quiet place and the doctor is very kind and professional, all the staff is excellent, they always look for the best solution to alleviate any of your condition. Excellent

Dianelys Perez

Excellent doctor, very professional and attentive, as well as his front desk staff, I am really completely satisfied with the doctor's service, I recommend it 100%

jose cruz

Pleasant atmosphere, excellent service from both the front desk and Dr.

Andres Gonzalez

Very professional the doctor and all the front desk team very kind I really recommend it 100%

jorge tauil

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